New SoundExchange Letter of Direction

SoundExchange Logo

In news that is probably exciting to very few of you, there’s a new SoundExchange Letter of Direction available on the SoundExchange website (link below). Yes, I’ll wait until the thundering applause dies down. What is SoundExchange? SoundExchange is a performance rights organization like ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC, except that they collect and distribute royalties on […]

John Seay to Discuss Producer Agreements at Georgia Lawyers for the Arts

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On Tuesday, August 11, 2015, Atlanta entertainment lawyer John Seay will lead a seminar on producer agreements at the Georgia Lawyers for the Arts offices at the King Plow Arts Center. The title of the seminar is “Producer Agreements 101: What They Are, What They Include, and How to Negotiate Them.” The seminar is free, although […]

Is Your Trademark Registrable or “Merely Ornamental”?

Guest post by Taylor Josey, rising 3L at the University of Georgia School of Law Is your trademark registrable or “merely ornamental”? There are a number of factors that must be considered when deciding whether to register a trademark. For instance, one must do a search to see whether a similar registered trademark already exists, […]

Should You Trademark Your Name?

I field a lot of questions from clients about whether they should “trademark” their name. Of course, what those clients really mean is whether they should register their name or logo or both with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Although I can’t answer that question for you, I can provide a quick […]