How to Start a Record Label

1 -Start a Label 2 - ???? 3 - Profit!

I field a fair number of calls from people who, despite what they’ve read about the decline of the recorded music industry, want to know how to start a record label. As it turns out, starting a record label is not too complicated; the hard part is figuring out how to make it a financially […]

What You Should Know About Fair Use

by Nikki Leung, Emory Law Class of 2016 For as long as a copyright is valid, only the copyright owner and those authorized by the copyright owner may reproduce, distribute, perform, display, broadcast, or create a derivative work based on the protected work.[1] Granting those exclusive rights to creators, at least in theory, also serves […]

What You Should Know About Digital Millennium Copyright Act Takedowns

The DMCA has led to confusion and wasted resources in the eyes of some frustrated content creators and consumers.

by Nikki Leung, Emory Law Class of 2016 For some content creators, the digital era is a dream come true. The low-to-non-existent cost of publishing and distributing content means that virtually anyone can create and then monetize their work. But, the increasingly digital nature of our media consumption comes with a darker side. As the […]

What You Should Know About Production Agreements


One form of agreement that clients regularly ask me to negotiate, and that clients regularly ask me to draft, is what’s known as a production agreement, also called a production deal. Production agreements are especially popular in the rap, hip-hop, and pop genres, although they may appear elsewhere as well. They should be entered into, […]